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Very Weird

  • Tools:Unity 3D, C#, Blender3D
  • Why:Game built for Makega.me game pagent

Five friends, jetpacks, and the passage of time.

Featured on Warp Door, Kill Screen daily and PCGamer.com

Wall Rider 64

Cyberpunk is still cool, right?

  • Tools:Unity 3D, C#
  • Why:Game built for cyberpunk game jam

3D infinite runner game with movement based on physics glitches and errors. Rather difficult to play...

Dog In A Mech

An Unconventional Mech Game

  • Tools:Unity 3D, C#
  • Why:Game made for a game jam sponsored by The Walking Dead

Made for the walking dead game jam, this is a game about what happens when you decide to make a radically different way to control a mechanized walking tank and then spend 2 weeks goofing off in unity3D.

AWARDS: Honorable Mention


Emotional catharsis via game design

  • Tools:Unity 3D, C#, Photoshop
  • Why:Game built for Molyjam exploring emotional narrative within the context of a game

During a difficult perioid in my life I decided to not focus on gameplay, and instead getting expressing myself in the context of a game. Through level design and scripting, I crafted an interactive vision of my inner self. This is a very personal game to me.

Featured on FreeIndieGam.es and the Sufficiently Human Podcast

Puppy Space Pirates

Space-Faring adventure game

  • Tools: ActionScript 3, Flixel, special monocrome image filter
  • Why: Done for a Glorious Trainwrecks weekend game jam.

I wanted to experiment with a monocrome color pallete and a different method of making a space-shooty game. I really like the look of old school mac-classic games, so that's where a lot of this came from.

JetPack Dog

Dogs and Jetpacks

  • Tools: ActionScript 3, Flixel
  • Why: Gameplay experiment with limited controls for maximal gameplay

For this game I wanted to try my hand at twisting the "infinite runner" genre and midway through I asked "what if I just gave the player a pellet gun?" and after months of tweaking this came about. After demoing it at the GDC I was asked if I wanted a job at a certain company, only to find out they weren't actually hiring flash programmers, but I was welcome to join their revenue-sharing program...

Guided By Rockets

Golfing with explosions

  • Tools:Actionscript 3, Flixel
  • Why:Done for an experimental gameplay monthly challenge.

The challenge for the particular month was to make a game where the main charachter couldn't move. I was playing a lot of Quake 3 at the time and was very good at rocket jumping, so I decided to take the concept and translate it into a 2D platformer

GDC ScrollZone

It's a long way to San Francisco

  • Tools:Actionscript 3, Flixel
  • Why:I wanted to see if I could code up a game on the plane ride to San Franscisco, under 3 hours.

Often when I get bored I find myself wishing I could be coding. On the plane to the GDC I wanted to find out what I could make in transit. Development was cut short when the plane developed hydraulic issues and had to make an emergency landing. I completed the game after landing

Twine RPG Dot HTML

It's like The Walking Dead, but not really

  • Tools: Twine, MS Paint
  • Why: Made for monthly "Klik of the Month Klub" on glorioustrainwrecks.com

I really like how easy Twine is to use for interactive text adventures, and I wanted to see about implementing an 'overworld' and branching paths. Mixed success. Really, I just like writing dumb stories and putting them into videogames.

Modal Dialog

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  • Read: modal windows will probably tell you something important so don't forget to read what they say.
  • Look: a modal window enjoys a certain kind of attention; just look at it and appreciate its presence.
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Attack of the clones

  • Tools:Actionsript 3, Flixel, Moxy
  • Why: Small game I made to learn how to use flixel

After making the requisite Pong clone in flash, I wanted to stretch my then-new AS3 programming skills with an Infinite Runner. One person said he considered it better than the original.

Dead Party

The theme is everything, forget the theme.

  • Tools: Actionscript 3, Flixel
  • Why: Done for Ludum Dare 48 hour game jam, the theme was "Alone".

Ludum Dare is a very popular 48 hour game jam, where participants vote on a theme. As it's gotten more popular, the themes become more and more vauge and too uninspiring. So I decided to make my game about cats instead.

F*** You Player

Real-Time level design

  • Tools: Photoshop
  • Why: Ludum Dare Game Jam collaboration with Ian Snyder

The theme of this Ludum Dare was "you are the enemy" and we ended up sketching out a game where you play as the player's ultimate enemy, the level designer. Ian did all of the code, and I did all the art and sound assets.


Like Alien Swarm but with

  • Tools: Microsoft XNA, C#
  • Why: Personal project for TIG game jam.

This game is super old, I made it in XNA. What can I say? It was a different time.


Bullet hell meets regular hell

  • Tools: Actionscript3, Flixel
  • Why: Game made for Ludum Dare 48 hour game jam, theme was "Evolution"

Continuing the theme of "terrible Ludum Dare themes", I wanted to make a space shooter where the ship's attributes would evolve with the playstyle. It ended up not really working but I salvaged the remaining game, play to find out how


Solar Powered Tank (really)

  • Tools: Actionscript 3, Flixel
  • Why: Game for reddit Game Jam

My first game jam game! So many terrible memories! The theme was "Power", and I came up with the concept of a Solar Powered Tank, you have to stay in the sunlight in order to keep functioning

Robot Demo

Let's make a robot

  • Tools: Unity 3D, Blender, Photoshop
  • Why: I wanted to learn 3D Modeling, Rigging, and Animation.

Wanting to further my skills, I elected to learn how to use Blender to model, rig, and animate a charachter. This is the end result of a week of work, having never used Blender before. I am an incredibly fast learner.

About Me

My name's Leo Burke. I draw and I make games constantly. It's pretty bad, the doctor's say there's nothing they can do.

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